Sorry for my absence….if anyone is reading this lol. I’ve experienced some interesting events theses past days….weeks…..month…Life is funny like that, you will experience the dry spell of boredom, where you complain and vent. And then a single event will happen which completely alter your life, or vis-verse. (depending on the type of person you are) With everything has happened to me, there are two things I would like to share with who ever is reading this.. :/

I’ve increased my reading in per-paring for Law school or whatever I plan to do after undergrad. While reading one book  I stumbled upon this statement which reflects every thing  I have learned from one of my experiences. For some reason the author alludes me (am sorry, even thou I seriously doubt whom ever that person is will be reading this). Anyways, he/she stated that, “words are interpreted, depending on the mentality of the audience or individual and the mood they are in”. While reading the book, this statement did not hold much value, it just sounded clever and profound. Like something you would use when you wanted  to sound intelligent; but  truthfully  you  do not know what to say. Its not until I was caught in the middle of an verbal altercation and my perceptive was not being understood, when this statement hit me. Now it complicated the aftermath of the altercation because I started laughing and walked away  lol (which greatly offended the person). 5 hours later over food and drinks, a resolution was achieved and that statement popped in my mind. Life has so many interesting moments.